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Data can provide you with some insights, but without the right questions, the right processes, and the right technology, it often does not lead to the desired outcome – which ultimately represents the difference between success and failure. At IMARC, we provide sector-specific research and consulting solutions that can achieve superior results and provide our customers with a significant advantage in competitive markets. We gather and analyze information and data across 14 major industry verticals to deliver actionable business intelligence. Get in touch with us today to know how IMARC can help you enhance your business performance, enabling you to become stronger, faster, and more productive.

What Makes IMARC a Trusted Market Research Partner

Strong Inhouse Expertise

  • Experienced consultants proficient in diverse business domains, providing tailored solutions for your specific needs.
  • Advanced data modeling and analytical expertise to support robust business strategies.
  • Expertise in regulatory approvals and licensing processes to ensure seamless compliance and operational efficiency.
  • Strong domain expertise across multiple industry verticals.
  • Specialized in business setup services, offering comprehensive support from feasibility analysis to operational excellence.
  • Proficient in quantitative and qualitative primary research, delivering deep insights for strategic decision-making.

Client Base

  • We partner with clients from a wide range of industries.
  • Existing clientele of 2000+ organizations across the private, public, and social sectors.
  • Client base extends across Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Africa.
  • Highly satisfied clients, with over 65% of our new business generating from referrals.
  • Our association with some of the world's top corporations and institutions demonstrates that your assignment is in the right hands.

Network of Experts

  • Strong network of experts across all major industries and geographies.
  • Commercial and non-commercial relationships with some of the world's top institutions.
  • Access to industry experts for validation and enhancement of business strategies, ensuring optimal outcomes.
  • Multilingual capabilities to support diverse global operations.
  • Effective partner identification services to secure strategic alliances and drive business growth.

Customized Solutions

  • Global consulting services covering a broad spectrum of industry verticals.
  • Tailored strategies combining industry surveys, expert interviews, and advanced analytical techniques.
  • Comprehensive support for business setup, including site selection, compliance, and operational launch.
  • Specialized marketing and sales services to enhance market reach and revenue growth.
  • Extensive procurement research to optimize supply chain efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Detailed market analysis and tracking of high-growth markets to stay ahead of industry trends.
  • Over 15,000 off-the-shelf industry reports and on-demand expert support for immediate insights.

Operations Excellence

  • Efficient management of end-to-end business processes, ensuring seamless establishment and operation.
  • Continuous support services for sustained success and adaptability in dynamic markets.
  • Strategic consulting to enhance business performance, operational efficiency, and competitive advantage.
  • Comprehensive business development services, driving growth and long-term success for your organization.

Industries We Serve

When it comes to analyzing markets, the only constant is change. This change can create both opportunities and challenges. On numerous occasions, it is both, and it is essential for market leaders to know when, where and how to respond. IMARC gathers and analyzes information and data across 14 major B2B verticals to deliver business intelligence that help our partners to detect market disruptions, identify opportunities and outperform their rivals. In over a decade of operations, IMARC has assembled a global team of highly skilled domain experts, with the right blend of enterprise and consulting experience, to provide our partners with the knowledge, approach and outcomes only an industry veteran can provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can IMARC Group assist companies that are entering a new market?

We assist companies entering a new market by offering a comprehensive range of services, including opportunity assessment, market entry strategies, regulatory approvals, licensing, new business setup, etc. We also provide insights into local market dynamics, competitive landscape, and consumer behavior. Additionally, we support businesses with marketing and sales strategies, partner identification, and ongoing market intelligence to ensure a successful and sustainable market entry.

2. How can IMARC Group assist us in setting up a new business?

IMARC Group assists in setting up a new business by providing end-to-end support, from initial feasibility studies to operational excellence. Our services include market analysis, site selection, compliance, project management, supply chain management, and ongoing operational support, ensuring seamless execution and optimal performance for your business.

3. What are the major industries that IMARC Group specializes in?

IMARC Group specializes in numerous industries, including aerospace and defense; agriculture; automotive; banking, financial services, and insurance (BSFI); chemicals and materials; electronics and semiconductors; energy and mining; food and beverage; healthcare; packaging; retail; technology and media; and transportation and logistics. This diverse expertise ensures comprehensive insights and strategic support across sectors​.

4. Can IMARC Group help me find distribution Partners for my products?

Yes, we can help you find distribution partners for your products. We offer a tailored approach to identify and vet reliable distributors, leveraging extensive networks and local market knowledge. This service ensures streamlined operations, risk reduction, and enhanced market access, supporting your business goals and long-term success​.

5.Can IMARC Group help me find sourcing partners?

Yes, IMARC Group can help you find sourcing partners. Our sourcing partner identification services offer access to a vast network of vetted suppliers. We conduct rigorous due diligence, ensuring partners meet high standards of quality, reliability, and ethical practices. IMARC handles the entire process, from supplier evaluation to regulatory compliance, ensuring a seamless and efficient supply chain​.

6. How can IMARC Group competitive intelligence services help my business?

IMARC Group's competitive intelligence services help your business by providing comprehensive insights into competitor activities, market trends, and regulatory changes. We monitor competitor pipelines, analyze product portfolios, and assess market landscapes to offer predictive foresight and strategic planning support. This enables informed decision-making, proactive market positioning, and optimized resource allocation, giving your business a competitive edge.

7. What are the various methodologies adopted by IMARC Group to conduct primary research?

IMARC Group conducts primary research using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Quantitative methods include computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI), computer assisted personal interviewing (CAPI), computer assisted web interviewing (CAWI), and hybrid models. Qualitative methods encompass focus group discussions (FGDs), in-depth interviews (IDIs), expert panels, and executive interviews.

8. Can you enlist the various types of primary research studies conducted by IMARC Group?

IMARC Group conducts a diverse range of primary research studies tailored to specific client needs. These include concept testing, brand assessment, new product development, market segmentation, customer satisfaction, loyalty assessment, usage and attitude studies, thought leadership interviews, store audits, tracking studies, customer journey mapping, mystery shopping, campaign effectiveness measurement, consumer behavior studies, ethnographic studies, net promoter score (NPS) surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, competitive analysis, pricing research, advertising research, product development research, usability testing, audience profiling, distributor and retailer surveys, impact assessment, cost-benefit analysis, and corporate reputation studies.

9. How can IMARC Group's market insight reports benefit my business?

IMARC Group's market insight reports benefit your business by delivering comprehensive and up-to-date market analysis, helping you stay ahead of industry trends and competitors. Our robust database includes thousands of reports across all major industries, providing detailed insights into market structure, opportunities, and threats. We offer customization to address your specific business questions, ensuring tailored and relevant data. Our reports are backed by a strong network of experts and validated through extensive global research, ensuring high-quality insights. Additionally, our strong post-purchase support offers continuous analyst assistance, helping you make informed strategic decisions and optimize your market positioning for sustained growth.

10. How can procurement research services of IMARC Group help me?

IMARC Group's procurement research services help you by optimizing procurement strategies to save cost, time, and resources. We provide supply market intelligence, procurement analytics, spend analysis, and supply chain risk management. Our tailored solutions enhance efficiency, negotiate better contracts, and ensure sustainable sourcing, driving significant cost savings and strategic advantages for your business​.

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Client Testimonials

Client feedback means a lot to us, and we ensure that a partnership with IMARC provides our clients with the insights needed to make informed decisions. Read our testimonials and find out what our customers say about our work.

Greenfish S.A.

The IMARC team was very reactive and flexible with regard to our requests. A very good overall experience. We are happy with the work that IMARC has provided, very complete and detailed. It has contributed to our business needs and provided the market visibility that we required

Colruyt Group

We were very happy with the collaboration between IMARC and Colruyt. Not only were your prices competitive, IMARC was also pretty fast in understanding the scope and our needs for this project. Even though it was not an easy task, performing a market research during the COVID-19 pandemic, you were able to get us the necessary information we needed. The IMARC team was very easy to work with and they showed us that it would go the extra mile if we needed anything extra

Hameln Rds

My questions and concerns were answered in a satisfied way. The costs of the services were within our expectations. My overall experience with the IMARC Team was very good.

Zee Media Corp. Ltd.

We would be happy to reach out to IMARC again, if we need Market Research/Consulting/Consumer Research or any associated service. Overall experience was good, and the data points were quite helpful.

TATA Advanced Systems Limited

We would be happy to reach out to IMARC for more market reports in the future. The response from the account sales manager was very good. I appreciate the timely follow ups and post purchase support from the team. My overall experience with IMARC was good.

IMARC’s Insights

Sourcing Your Beverage Cans and Bottle Products from the Indian Market

Sourcing from the Indian Market | Sustainable Beverage Packaging Options & Sourcing from India Market | Sourcing from India - Food & Beverage Consulting Services in India - Tecnova

Sourcing Your Beverage Cans and Bottle Products from the Indian Market

Sourcing from the Indian Market | Sustainable Beverage Packaging Options & Sourcing from India Market | Sourcing from India - Food & Beverage Consulting Services in India - Tecnova

Sourcing Your Beverage Cans and Bottle Products from the Indian Market

Sourcing from the Indian Market | Sustainable Beverage Packaging Options & Sourcing from India Market | Sourcing from India - Food & Beverage Consulting Services in India - Tecnova

Sourcing Your Beverage Cans and Bottle Products from the Indian Market

Sourcing from the Indian Market | Sustainable Beverage Packaging Options & Sourcing from India Market | Sourcing from India - Food & Beverage Consulting Services in India - Tecnova

Sourcing Your Beverage Cans and Bottle Products from the Indian Market

Sourcing from the Indian Market | Sustainable Beverage Packaging Options & Sourcing from India Market | Sourcing from India - Food & Beverage Consulting Services in India - Tecnova